ZaunMC – A Unique Minecraft Factions Server with a Friendly Community and Cool Plugins

Welcome to ZaunMC – we are a friendly unique Factions server with lots of cool plugins. We have a brand new map released 4th December 2020.

– Factions, create a clan or play solo and become the strongest on the server. Raid others and take over their bases or play passive and just protect your land.
– TNT/Explosions are disabled (this encourages unique raiding, such as overclaiming or betrayal to raid factions. It also helps stop people from building ugly Obsidian covered bases.
– MobArena, how many waves can you survive of the mob apocalypse? The more rounds you survive in this minigame, the more loot you earn for the survival world!
– Pvp Arena, a huge arena created for players to battle it out.
– Casino, gamble your money away at the Casino. Win big or go home!
– mcMMO, level your every day skills just by playing the server. Increase your skills for bonus effects, such as double drops with mining

– The End opens every Friday at 7pm UK time with a new world and a new Dragon. Factions can battle it out every weekend for the unique server trophy of the Dragon Egg. This event occurs every week.


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