Yeke’s Home – A Minecraft Java Server Filled with Awesome Mods and Fun Adventures!

Hey want a server you can join with no lag, no grief and a lot of fun adventures! Please join my minecraft server full of fun and adventures! I’ll even give you temp creative mod just to help you on ya first base!…Or give ya the blocks..however ya wanna do it. Want to be teleported far so ya wont be messed with? SURE! Want a few starter gear to help ya begin ya quest? SURE! Please join! Its empty and i do rollbacks to save everyones stuff so join today!

Also this server does have mods so i will post the links here for you to download and install! Also if you already have mods on your client you will need to at least put them into another folder cause the server will not allow you to join if you have extra mods!

Server IP:

Server Streamer:



The modpack for all the mods in one go is this link:

Mods are

Travel Bag

Ender Bag

Gai Diminision

Dimensional Dungeons


Enchanted wolves

Lycanytes Mobs

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