WolfPackMC – The Youngest Anarchy Server in Minecraft

Wolfpackmc.net [Java Edition 1.7 – 1.16]

Let’s talk about Minecraft Anarchy servers for a second. Ever since 2b2t grew popular through YouTube and such, Minecraft players have been interested in all Anarchy servers. Some found 2b2t too laggy or found it too hard to start surviving in such a wasteland. That’s why so many players turned to Wolfpackmc.net and I’m here to tell you why.

Players turned to Wolfpackmc.net because it was a server where they could get a fresh start at surviving. Its spawn is already destroyed despite it being less than a year old but it is survivable none the less. The server is also a place of endless possibilities for anyone! Whether you’re just a player and want to play Minecraft online with some friends or you’re a hardcore hacker interested in destroying the dreams of noobs. Maybe you’re a developer of a hack client and you want to test your hacks? Well, you can do that too! The possibilities are truly endless and the owner keeps it that way.

Also, like other Anarchy servers, you can’t be banned. You can hack, swear, grief, do anything without the fear of being banned or punished. The owner has never banned, muted, or kicked anyone and stays true to his word. That’s a hard thing to find in server owners these days! The server is running high performance software to keep it from crashing no matter how many players. Lag machines have been built, flying has been exploited, and still the server does not crash and keeps running strong.

Finally, the server Is running the latest Minecraft version which at the time is 1.16.4. You can even play on older versions such as 1.7! That’s because the server accepts any versions ranging from 1.7 all the way up to 1.16 (or the latest at the time). Wolfpackmc always upgrades to the latest version as soon as possible to assure the players of never-ending updates and fun. There are always new blocks to build with, new enchants, new weapons, tools, etc. to do anything with! Dupes are exploited and they are patched soon later and this repeats continually keep the owner on his feet and the players ready to perform some game breaking exploits.

I highly recommend that you join Wolfpackmc.net to try it out for yourself! Checkout out the ruins of spawn and build bases knowing that the blocks you place could be there for decades! It is truly an Anarchy experience and Wolfpackmc has done everything right. So, what are you waiting for?! The IP to join is Wolfpackmc.net and you can join on any Java versions ranging from 1.7 to 1.16.4 (or the latest).

Server IP – Wolfpackmc.net

Website – https://wolfpack.buycraft.net/

Discord – https://discord.gg/HPADFDegJ4

Reddit – https://www.reddit.com/r/wolfpackmc/


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