What to do if you need to Hire Minecraft Server Staffs

Choosing the right minecraft server staffs for your server could be very challenging. An abusive staff could potentially burn your whole server to the ground and ruin the work you have done.

Picking the Right Staff

There are many things that make a good staff member, as shown below.

Maturity – Maturity is very important for a staff member, even the way they type can affect the impression given to our playerbase. Staff members should be able to not take things personal and retain information told to them by their superiors. (within reason, if an admin says to grief something they shouldn’t.) Staff should be able to receive criticism, and effectively apply it.

Work Ethic – Staff should be have a positive attitude throughout their time as staff and be willing to do any assigned projects to them before the deadline assigned, and that doesn’t mean to do their work half-ass, they should put their full effort into everything they are told to do, on time, with a willing and positive attitude.

TEAM PLAYER – This is the most important of all of them, staff NEED to be able to work with others, if not, there is no point in it being called a “staff team.” They have to be on good terms with everyone, despite whatever feelings they have. If they cannot work within a group of people effectively, they are not a good staff member.

Reliable – This somewhat correlates to the work ethic, but server staff should be able work and follow instructions given. If a developer is told to create a plugin for a certain deadline, and the server is promised this feature by that deadline, if that developer does not complete the development of said plugin within the deadline they are unreliable and future projects should be given to other developers that are reliable.

Self Motivated – Staff should not be helping players because of the wage given, they should be wanting to help the players themselves. If they are told to do something, they shouldn’t be doing it for a raise or for pay, they should be doing it out of their enjoyment.

Managing the Team

What makes a good Minecraft Server Staff team is dedication, motivation, trust, and most importantly , “loyalty”. Without dedication a Minecraft Server Staff Team wouldn’t have any passion for the Server their working on, without motivation they wouldn’t have a “real” interest in their job, however without trust it would all just fall apart, and without loyalty the Staff team could easily turn into a “Staff Hunting” team of people who just have interest in their shiny new Rank and authority instead of their actual job. Creating a Staff team is both fun and difficult at the same time, it’s fun because you get meet new people who appear to have what your looking for and it makes you feel good about yourself, however someone can easily fake their personality and interests just to seem
like the perfect candidate you’ve always wanted.

Over the years, I’ve been creating servers, becoming apart of servers, creating plugins, making friends on different teams, and I’ve seen a lot along the way. I know what it takes to make a good and effective Staff team, I’m speaking as both an Ex-Owner, and an Ex-Staff Member; the most important thing when creating a Staff team, is having the patience and determination to find the people your looking for, and testing their abilities. Overall, what you should be looking for in a Staff team, is seeing if the team is Motivated, Communicative, Loyal, Determined, and Trustworthy.

Notes on Requirements

From my past experience each staff position has different “requirements” or skill sets they should have to be great staff members. For starters every staff should follow the guidelines created by the administration or management team on the server. For a helper to be a good minecraft staff member they would have to be active ingame, helpout with tickets and answer questions on discord and ingame public chat. Moderators should also be helping out with tickets and answering questions, on top of being in vanish and watching players that might be cheating. If they find a player cheating they must deal with the player according to the rules, if they do not get sufficient proof they should not punish the player.

Senior Moderators typically have core protect and roll back perms. Each senior moderator should know how to use rollback in case of insides, deaths to bugs or another issue occurs. Being a Senior moderator also includes doing tickets but less of answering questions in chat. Admin to senior admin typically have a similar job as to what to do on each server. Admins would deal with giving items back and small value deductions while the senior administrators would do anything deemed to be too big of a decision for an administrator.

Managers should primarily deal with the task of doing their specific roles. For example a staff manager should primarily deal with the staff team, this includes applications, interviews, promotions, demotions, and staff reports. Each position is important in a server and that is why there should be a balance of each staff type and rank. To sum it all up being a good staff member means to follow the guidelines, respond to tickets and players, and make sure everyone is playing fairly and having a great time.

Most Important Factor

The most important thing about being a good staff member is being an active well respected member of the community who follows the rules and sets the example for other players. Of course, you also need to be mature, have a positive attitude, and able to cooperate with others. These characteristics make the base of a good staff member. However great staff members would be available at a moments notice, always looking for what they could do to help improve the server.

As a builder however there are some different values. The most important part of being a builder is making aesthetically pleasing builds that are immersive, allowing players to interact with them whether its parkour in a spawn or ways to use builds in pvp to gain small but key advantages. When you are a builder it is very important to know how to make areas that are easy to pvp in without annoying obstacles while keeping the builds aesthetic. It is still important to help players with any questions, but it is also important to know the difference between your job and moderators jobs or any other staff position for that matter. You should not get too involved with jobs that are not your own. After all of these important details it is good to remember that as a builder you always need to get your builds done on time and to make sure as many people as possible are happy with them.

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