What Makes a Good Minecraft Server Staff?

The traits that make up an effective and efficient member of a staff team range from easily measurable factors such as the time you put into the server to more abstract elements like how well you interact with a community.

There are an innumerable amount of skills and traits that a staff member can both learn and possess that make them valuable. Administrators are typically valued for their proficiency, work ethic, and efficiency when working the backend. Setting up a server is not easy, nor is debugging, configuration, or advertisement. Especially in the early stages of a network, proficiency with the plugins one works with is possibly the most valuable trait because experience brings success. The best moderators, on the other hand, can be paired with patience, compassion, and integrity. Dealing with a large community is incredibly difficult, and the moderation team is the core of your staff. Without individuals who are patient and can handle toxicity, your server will inevitably crash and burn.


The most important trait that any staff member can possess is the ability to coordinate well with both one’s peers on the staff team and the playerbase of a server. Although many might consider this an inherent skill, I believe that compassion for one’s community is a learned one. Unity and reliability are the most important features of a good staff team. The unity part is more about the staff team as a whole and that everyone should be on the same page and feel safe with each other. If your staff team works well together they can effectively get work done and help those in need. The reliability part comes from the view of the community. You want players to feel that they can trust and rely on staff to do the right thing. Without this trust, people will not feel safe on the server which is never good.

The staff takes care of problems and makes sure everything is in control and that the staffs will make sure for players to have fun without bumping into bad peoples and hackers and so on. Make the game fair and fun and not the opposite. Be there to guide or help peoples in need when they seek help maybe reporting about some stuff they don’t know about so they can check into it and make sure it’s not a problem anymore. Make balance instead of letting chaos spread around even more.

Whether it be an employee at a business or even a staff on a Minecraft server is somebody comprising of the following qualities; open minded, communicative, devoted, and sense of leadership. All of them contribute to being somebody able to work well with peers whether it be new incoming staff or senior staff as well as being able to engage with the community and break tension or ice between the groups to lead a further level of prosperity for the community and team as a whole.

Being Helpful

A good Minecraft Server Staff would be someone who is active and helping people when they have questions also if the Owner ask for something extra then a good staff should do it, not only that a staff member should also check for griefers, cheaters and people who is trying to scam because a server without rules isn’t gonna become big.

Sometimes new players can get annoying. sometimes you can get bored of the countless questions that are asked, but however annoying it gets, you’ve just got to bare it. Imagine you were the lost newbie wondering what to do; if you were told by one of the admins to “shut up you annoying brat” then they’re not going to want to play on your server.

Punish people when they deserve it
it’s a must. If someone gets away with something or causing mayhem , then others will copy them and madness will arise. Then again, don’t punish people for the sake of punishing them or make the punishments incredibly harsh (such as a permaban for accidentally breaking a torch.

Listening to the community

Don’t Become a power hungry evil tyrant

Don’t Punish people without evidence

Don’t Give people staff ranks for reasons that don’t match their strengths

Well first the community part. Minecraft Server Staff should be very nice to community. They need to contribute lot’s of time to the community. Making sure everything is fine with them, everyone enjoys their time in the server, no bullying or anything else like that. Keeping good community is in my opinion the most important part of this. Second. I think it should be how the staff member can act, sometimes make jokes, sometimes when things get serious they need to act professional. Also ability to catch hackers, or make difference of what is lag and what is hack. Good staff member should see what is wrong with the server, have some ideas to fix it, suggestion on new things. Good staff member should be able to react fast, stay calm in any situation. Good staff member should have some experience working for minecraft servers as things might get nervous, bad situations can happen. Good staff member is also member who knows tries to handle situations good, not focus on punishing, solve it the other way. Anyways, good staff member should be professional, keep the community nice, can handle nervous situations. Who dedicates time to server. I think the most important thing is community. If people join and see some dead chat or some bullying or whatever, it’s not good.

To sum it up:

A good Minecraft Server Staff doesn’t judge other players, ( Including builders if they don’t like their style ), he/she listens out for issues counting reports such as behavior, cyberbullying, and others. He/she also needs to be flexible, willing to take on challenges with confidence and enthusiasm, and be able to adapt from a certain situation in another. Ambitious, willing to go to any distance to support the team, able to help out the others, and lift the members struggling. They also have to be committed, giving their best to be an active part of the community. Being Humble is also a strong point, nobody likes someone who boasts or brags about their accomplishments, instead, they have to display that they can reach their goal. Reliable, being an owner isn’t easy, having a supportive team of staff is always essential, you can’t place your trust in someone unreliable, they should be capable of shouldering additional responsibility. They must be a good communicator, with a lucid manner and well. Unacceptable communication can swell up problems with both the player and the team. Marketable members are also a key figure as they represent the community and are presentable to the public, they must be respectful and not scared to have a loud voice over others.

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