Wavy.GG – Looking for a Rust Server?


Looking for a Rust Server

Wavy.GG is a new server and is eager to get into the action. What were willing to provide for you to join the server
Fun an intensive wipes
Fair active an Friendly staff
Perfectly modded server
Quality server with no lag and great frames

Here’s extra info on the server that you would like to read over before entering!!!!

-Max Group size: 3
-Map wipes Weekly (Mondays)
-BPs Wipe at the end of each month (Monthly)
-Welcome to Wavy.GG the enhanced modded experience with the following adjustments
2x Gather Rates Building and Level 1 Workbench blueprints unlocked Component System loot tables (Junk Materials Removed)
Half smelt and crafting speeds (Raid Items Vanilla )
To join are server with 3 easy steps
Step 1. Open rust
Step 2. Open developer console or use F1 (key)
Step 3. Copy and paste client.connect an hit enter