Video Game Review: “Get Fit with Mel B” for PS3

“Get Fit with Mel B” is a fitness game for the Playstation Move. It was published and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.
This game uses one move controller and is designed to help you get fit. You can choose a specific workout like Dance, Kickboxing, or Cardio. There is also the option of selecting goals and Mel will do specially designed workouts to help you reach those goals.

Overall, the game isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either. There are a few trophies that are easy because all they require is doing a specific workout or creating one of your own. However, when it comes to the game seeing what you do, it doesn’t do this very well. The instruction is also lacking. The directions are just general directions and are hard to follow so you really don’ know what she’s doing until you see her do it.

Graphics are great, it really looks like you are there with Mel in the forest or at the Marina. There are a few locations you can choose from of where you want to exercise and I think this helps with the motivation of wanting to exercise each day. You want to go and get away from the world and all your troubles so all you have to do is put in this game and do some exercises almost anywhere you would like.

This game is more for an advanced level so that you know how to position your body and when to breathe because these are things are not discussed in the game, not even the practice section of the game will go over this. It gives a lot of the same motivational phrases that are said in the actual workouts.

The game also has a nutrition section with meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, and snacks. These recipes were put together by a nutritionist to go with the workouts with Mel B to help you meet your fitness goals.

I would not recommend “Get Fit with Mel B” to the serious person looking to get fit, unless you ignore how the game sees what you’ve completed. It would also be wise if you choose this game to not hold yourself to earning the trophies very quickly. I would treat this game more like a workout video and just do the exercises as best you can without worrying or trying to get the system to see that you are doing the exercises when it thinks you aren’t.

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