VibeCraft – A New and Growing Community of Minecraft Players

Vibecraft is a new and growing community of players looking to enjoy Minecraft survival mode! Land Claim

  • Anything you build can be protected with a land claim, which grows in size the longer you spend on the server. Claims can also be shared if one wants to form a team with fellow players, trusting them with the contents of your claim.
  • Players can also buy claim blocks using the command “/buyclaimblocks”. PVP – Player vs player is opt-in, so one does not have to worry about dealing with better-equipped players. However, if one wishes to enjoy pvp all they need to do is type in a command. ‘/pvp toggle’ The same command will toggle it off as well.
  • Anyone who has this command enabled will be able to fight each other as they wish Other – Our server consists of a lot of other features such as MCmmo, Crates, GUIShops & More! We are looking to add a lot more features and custom plugins in the future! Thank you!
  • As the server is new and growing, new players can help shape the direction the server will take. We hope to see you in Vibecraft and our thanks for your time and attention!


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