Vanilla Rust Server Looking For Players – Non Toxic / Active Admins 24/7

Hi Guys,

Me and a few fellow Rust player’s have recently started a Rust Vanilla Server. We are looking for people to join and play with us. We are a group of about 4 guys in our late 20’s. Super Chill and easy to get along with. We have a great sense of humor, And are willing to help any person who might need it or might be struggling on how to play the game. Our Server name is Westwood Gaming Community {WGC}. We have been playing Rust since it was in beta many years ago. The server will be running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is based in the NY area. There is always a (Responsible) Admin on. If there is an issue it will be quickly and responsibly resolved. We usually wipe the server via a vote, Or worse case, When the lag is really really bad. We have a few players on already. Everyone is non-toxic. We currently have 140 slots and will be expanding as needed. We also have a discord server to hang out in, If you are interested in getting to know any of the other players. We currently have a clan established and would be open to other people and other clans joining. If you currently have a clan, Feel free to set up shop on our server. We will be keeping blueprints for as long as possible to give players more freedom in the game. As server owners we are always open to requests from our community. We won’t be like the other youtube celebs who just brush you off when you have a good idea, Or let alone an issue that persists in-game. Building relationships with our players is very important to us and is more valuable than making profit off the game. We eventually plan on live streaming via twitch, Youtube, and our own website once it is up and running. You can also plan on us having giveaways to in-game players for a bunch of different in-game contest’s. We are thinking of giving away things like steam or regular gift cards. We are also open to suggestions if you guys have any.
Thank you for reading this article and we hope it wasn’t super long!
Please find the server info below

Server info is as follows:

Westwood Gaming Community


Find An Admin In Game And Mention The Secret Phrase For Some Cool In Game Loot!
“Carol Baskin Is Guilty”
We also have a referral program. If you get someone new to join the server and play, We will reward you with some more cool in game loot.
We are currently working on a website as well. So once that is up and running you guys can post and share all kinds of game content.
Please contact me with any questions or concerns! Someone will almost always be available to assist you!

Thank You!

Westwood Gaming Community

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