UndieCraft – A Minecraft Server Network with a Voice

Colonel_UnderPants has created a network called UndieCraft and he has made it entirely about the players by giving them a voice in how the network is shaped. He looks forward to meeting new people and getting to know them.
They can suggest what kind of servers they want and what features go into it. They want an EarthSMP with a twist, Great but Colonel_UnderPants and Team would need to know what that twist would be since making an EarthSMP with a twist without knowing what the twist should be will be hard for the development team.
Colonel_UnderPants hopes that UndieCraft will make strides in the Minecraft community since players will have the power to shape an entire network. Colonel_UnderPants hasn’t seen networks that do that so he feels it can really stand out from other networks these days since most big networks are already quite established and only gives management and higher-ups the power to shape a network but UndieCraft will not be like that.
Colonel_UnderPants and the team care about the players that join the network and are always willing to talk about things even privately. UndieCraft does offer community support for players if they want support from the community instead of from Colonel_UnderPants and the team and if Colonel_UnderPants and the team
can’t help with the issue.
Server theme
UndieCraft is currently based on Greek mythology and the hub is currently based on the Greek god Poseidon and the lifesteal server is based on the god of war Ares. Players should really take a look around the network and really admire the maps and the details put into them.
Undiecraft currently only has lifestealSMP available as a playable server but as stated above, if players want more servers made, Please don’t hesitate to suggest what you want to be made. The hub is available and it does offer some things like parkour and pocket games which are kind of fun.

Discord: discord.gg/undiecraft
Website: undiecraft.gg
IP: undiecraft.gg