UltraRedFreedom – a FreeOP and SMP Minecraft Server

Introducing UltraRedFreedom!

What is UltraRedFreedom?

UltraRedFreedom is a FreeOP and SMP Minecraft Server running on 1.16.5. Our server is filled to the brim with a huge variety of plugins including Movecraft, WorldEdit, Crackshot, Drugs, Magic and more!

What does FreeOP mean? FreeOP means you have OP and the ability to do what you want with no rules at all. At URF, we believe that if you get OP, you have the ability to do as much as you can with it. We have many plugins that you can use, and we are very relaxed on rules, as we have only three.

What does SMP mean? Here at UltraRedFreedom you can enjoy the classic Minecraft experience, but with all of your friends! We have a dedicated survival server, where you can experience everything Minecraft has to offer. Explore biomes, kill mobs, build houses, and take it to the nether and end!

Why should I join your server? Our server is not your usual creative or anarchy server. If you build on our server, you can use the power you have to protect your own build as well. We also have an amazing theme park in progress, so there’s no time to get bored!

How can I join the server?

You can play on our server using the IP – ultraredfreedom.com

Our website is also ultraredfreedom.com

You can also talk to us with the following methods of communication:
UltraRedFreedom Forums @ forums.ultraredfreedom.com
UltraRedFreedom Official Discord @ discord.ultraredfreedom.com