TrinityNetwork – A Unique Minecraft Server Network with SkyBlock and Prison

Hey, welcome to TrinityNetwork! We are a Minecraft Network compatible with the most popular Minecraft versions, that’s from 1.8 to 1.15.
At the moment you can contemplate our SkyBlock and Prison servers.

If you like a survival adventure, you should try our SkyBlock servers. Spawn in a sky island, gather resourcers and let your imagination grow! Our SkyBlock features custom crates, items and spawns! So you you get that feel of playing a unique and original game.
The main economy of SkyBlock can be used to buy essential materials and spawners. You can also get dirty money by killing monsters and can be exchanged to precious items.
Challange your friends to see who builds the greatest sky island with this lack of resources. And show them that you are the one who will be the king of the sky islands and you will be awarded with real money rewards up to 75$!

Otherwise if you like to have your feet on the ground, you should try the Prison server. At the moment features 22 ranks. Mine, fight and upgrade your rank!
You start at the lowest rank and you should keep mining to upgrade it! But if you are more into building, probably you want to waste your money buying blocks to your plot. Yes, you can create a plot!
In Prison, you have two types of economy. The main economy are won by selling resources and you can use them to upgrade your equipment and rank, or just invest in blocks to make a beautiful plot. Otherwise, tokens are won in events and you can use them to buy custom enchants.
But don’t worry if you don’t have time at the week, we give weekend boosters, so you can catch up your friends!

If you like surpries, you should check our crates. Purchase keys and open crates to get amazing items! You also have a small chance of getting a high rank.
And if you are an active player, you can get free keys by just playing!

It was in 2016 that the “Trinity” network made itself known to the population of Minecrafters. We started at just a prison server in that year and due to some reasons we had to close some time later. The main objective is to make our members feel happy, and in a way grow, always with the intention of keeping our players happy. The more we go, the faster we can bring you better new features.
With this approach, we can only wish that you continue to enjoy our offers and that you give your contribution, being it more notorious or not, so that we continue to grow and show our quality as a family. Now we are reopening better that anything and you don’t want to miss this oportunity!

Gather your friends and make this Trinity into Infinity.

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