Traveler’s Roleplay; a FiveM Roleplaying Server

Traveler’s Roleplay; a FiveM Roleplaying server.

Travelers Roleplay is a new and fun roleplay server striving for a mature community.
We have a lot of things to explore within our server.
We are hiring active staff, LSPD and EMS.
We’re community based so we appreciate the feedback.

What we, as FiveM community offer:

– No-pixel inspired
‣ Law enforcement (Police job)
‣ Medical services (EMS job)
‣ Civilian (Trucking, taxi, garbage worker, etc.)
‣ Custom housing
‣ Custom interiors (Custom MRPD, Pillbox, etc.)
‣ Mechanic shop (Benny’s mechanics)
‣ Illegal actions (Heists, robberies, Drug dealing/crafting, illegal crafting, black market & illegal

Discord Link:
Server connection IP: