Traits of a Great Minecraft Staff on Servers Like Mineplex

Minecraft staffs are integral to many Minecraft servers, especially ones open to the public like Mineplex.

Some Good Traits to Note

  1. A good minecraft staff member is someone who first of knows everything about the server. Incase of questions by the players that he can answer close to 100% of all the questions.
  2. 2.A lot of owners judge the maturity by age, something I do not Agree with to be honest. A 15yr old can be more mature then a 20yr old for example. Nevertheless maturity is important.
  3. As a staff member you have to be a team player with the whole staff team. You cant have disputes between staff members as that does not come over well for the players when they notice this.
  4. Basic knowledge on the commands that his position uses on a daily basis. Such as the liteban commands for example as a moderator.
  5. Being Nice to the community at all times. As a staff member you represent the server to all the players. If you lack presence this brings the server reputation down as well.

When we reached out to a popular minecraft server owner, he commented:

I think being available 24 hr a days is crucial for a staff member. Even if there are no ongoing tasks or projects, a diligent staff member should always be online either on discord or other platform in order to be able to keep up with updates and announcements, as well as respond as fast as possible when they are needed. I also consider a good staff member to be willing to help out regular players, even if it is not their sole responsibility. Even answering simple questions in chat and helping out new players to start out right is considered a sign of a friendly character. The most important trait of a good staff is keeping a leveled head in difficult and unpleasant situations, such as quarrels, disagreements in chat/in game. The best course of action is to diffuse the situation by listening to all the involved parties and to either try to help resolve the problem or, if unable to, contact a higher ranking staff to take care of it.

Another owner had different thoughts on this:

I believe what makes a good server staff is to be able to be respectful and to be able to spread positivity throughout the server for others to enjoy. The main principle of being a staff member is to make sure the players are having a wonderful and enjoying time on the server. Any problems the players run into, the staff is supposed to be ready to counter that problem. Any bad situation that is going on during the players time enjoying the server will be turned into a good situation from the help of the staff. Players should feel welcomed to the server and to feel comfortable in that environment. Another factor that a staff needs to have is to be able to be patient with all the players.

Additionally, if a player is confused on something or needs simple assistance, the staff has to be there to help the player no matter what circumstance and not to bash the player just because they do not know something. All staff has to be respectful towards one another. I learned out of all the servers that I have been staff on, communication is key. Staff should constantly speak to one another on how to improve the server and to populate the server more. Not to sit around and wait for players to join one by one. Another factor that staff should have is to not be afraid to give beneficial advice to another staff member. If any player apart of the staff team needs help on a situation, the duty of a staff is to always bring the end of the situations to a positive note. No one should be left behind in learning on how to become a better and more educated staff member. All in all, these are the few main factors on what makes a good server staff.

Finally, our last owner we interviewed said:

Someone who is capable at performing their job but also someone who is kind and non confrontational. I believe a good Minecraft Server Staff has the ability to discuss any topic and is able to deal with criticism. He should be able to handle problems creatively and effectively. He should also be a good communicator and should respond quickly (within reason) to messages.

I also find it extremely important a staff member isn’t toxic or tries to be overly funny. I myself am quite a serious person although I can appreciate a joke at times. I don’t like people who turn everything, even serious things, into a joke and laugh everything off. In my experience this leads to inactivity and lack of progress.

Furthermore, a good staff member is able to bring inventive ideas to the table and is able to give criticism or feedback to ideas of other members. This creates a good atmosphere for conversation and allows for new ideas to come to live. The creativity of a lot of people can come together to create something truly amazing. In conclusion I think a good server staff has the following characteristics; Good Communicator, Reasonably serious, creative, effective and competent.

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