Total Freedom – A Decade-Old Minecraft Server Older than 2b2t

Welcome to Total Freedom! We are excited to have you!

Here’s what you should know about us:
-Our IP is
-We are one of the oldest Minecraft servers in existence, over a decade old, and older than servers such as 2b2t.
-We offer a FreeOP experience, where all players are given OP, in a freebuild-style environment!
-We offer an Survival Multiplayer experience for those who prefer to play against the environment!
-You can check out our largest and most impressive world, full of constructions built by our community over several years, by joining the server and running the command /freedom-02

Total Freedom is a decade-old server where players are free to explore, build, and chat with each other in a free-choice environment. All players have access to a variety of plugins including WorldEdit, Guilds, and Bending! We also use our own custom plugin, TotalFreedomMod, to allow all players permissions usually restricted for operators, such as changing gamemodes and giving unlimited items.

Want to switch to survival for a PvP match? Go for it. Feel like free building with your friends? That’s encouraged. And whatever you decide to do, you don’t have to separate yourself from other players. You can build in creative in the same world as people who are PvPing! We offer a plot world for people who prefer a more organized approach to their fun, as well other maps you can freely switch between. Our oldest world, a map full of creations made over several years is free for all players to explore and interact with!

TotalFreedom has been online since November of 2010, making it one of the oldest servers in the entire Minecraft community. Come join us. You get the choice of what you want to do here. Whether you want to build, chat, fight, use hacked clients, or anything else, it’s fair game. Want to play survival instead? We also have an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) if you prefer a more difficult survival adventure!

You have the Freedom. If that’s something you would enjoy, then fire up Minecraft and join us!

Our IP is – we can’t wait to see you!