TomatoCraft – A Women Only Whitelisted Minecraft Server

Welcome to TomatoCraft! The owner just loves Tomatoes.

This server is a whitelist server, which means that you have to apply to join and be approved.
This process is intended to keep out those with bad intentions and keep a friendly and safe atmosphere.
We will be a women’s only server because many women prefer to play this way. We are the server for you.
The application process is a short form that can be found at the link below. It will ask you to provide ID.
We also have a facebook group, and a discord server. Both of which are also linked below.
We are a VANILLA server, except we have a few added features…
The ability to “sethome” which is a way to teleport from anywhere back to the place you set as your “home”.
Also, you have the ability to go “back” to where you last died after you respawn.
The last thing we have is called single player sleep… so if one person hops into a bed the night will pass.
We have a very helpful spawn area and a nether portal hub that will allow you to travel quickly.
We also have a welcome kit when you first join. I hope to see you apply!

Application if you don’t use discord:


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