TomatoCraft – A Minecraft Server for Female Gamers

It’s a typical Tuesday night. I snuggle into my big comfy sofa with a bag of Taco’s and a cola. I also have some cookies with me. I haven’t eaten all day, so these treats won’t last long.

I have my laptop cooling fan between my laptop and my thighs to keep from burning my skin. I am ready to relax after a long day at work. I know! Let’s play some Minecraft.

After eating my first taco, I search for a server. I go into the first one I see with lots of players.

This server is jammed packed with people and I am not sure what to do. Before too long I discover that they have a sign that says click here to be transported to the wild.

I jump on this opportunity. I start getting private messages asking me to group up. I let it slip to the community that I am a female player. The unpleasant remarks and indecent private messages start almost right away.

I was able to find an empty patch of mountain to start building my hidden base. I found a mine shaft and started a small underground farm. After a little while, a player said they wanted to see my base and help me build. Big mistake! This guy showed up with a skull face carrying lava buckets and TNT. He completely destroyed my base!!! I was devastated.

As you may have guessed, I quit minecraft for a few months after that episode. Also, I have never let anyone know I was a female player after that.

I joined a female only gamer group on facebook and I found out that this kind of abuse is not an isolated incident. There were many who had similar experiences. I was not alone!

I am a programmer and creative professional, so I decided to think outside of the box and make my own server for females. only. I have to be careful and ask for identification because I noticed that guys always try to sneak into these kinds of servers. There are also hackers always trying to use illegal features inside of you server this made me add a white list.

What is a whitelist? Simply, it is a block that prevents anyone from joining the server unless their username has been marked as safe.

How to be marked as safe? You simply fill out an application on our website, and if you are a female and don’t say something that sounds like you want to hurt the server in your application, you will be approved. Keep in mind we ask for a photo ID verification. Since we do not have any age requirements, a school ID will work if it states your gender.

Ever since I started this server, I have had nothing but good experiences from supportive members. I hope that we can grow into a great community.

The server is called TomatoCraft. You can access the website and the server using

We have a discord server too if you would like to start there. A robot will welcome you and direct you to the application form. Once you are approved you can chat with everyone.





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