Tips on How to Become a Video Game Tester

There are many things to consider before you look at a career in video game testing. There are many myths and scams out there that you should know about. I will go through many of the advantages and disadvantages and things to look for in this field of work.
Be very careful, there are many people out there claiming that if you pay them, they guarantee that you will make money testing video games (with no experience). In most cases these sites are scams. Most of these people are selling information about different companies that hire video game testers. Be very careful about people offering to get you into video game testing with no experience for a chunk of your hard-earned money.

Testing games is not only about playing video games and seeing if you like it or not, you need to be able to catch bugs and do other various things that may require knowledge of gaming, other than just loving video games. You may need skills like computer programming to accomplish the task at hand. People think, for some reason, that video game testing is an easy, fun, job. It can be, but there is a lot of work that goes into video game testing and it can be boring at times. It can be a fun and rewarding career, but you need to know the facts before trying to get a job in this field.

People believe that video game testing is one of those careers that you can just jump in to with out any prior experience or training. There have been times that this was true in the past, but those are far and few between.There are many good reasons to get into video game testing. For example: working from home. Video game testing has become a very competitive field and most companies are looking for people who have experience and/or training.I hope that this article was helpful and will help you make an informed decision when thinking about getting into the video game testing field.Testing video games can be a very rewarding career if you know all of the facts. It is important to keep watchful eyes on people who are offering an easy way to get into video game training- with no experience- for money.

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