ThePeopleSMP, The Best Griefing Enabled Survival Minecraft SMP

ThePeopleSMP is a semi-vanilla survival server, featuring all the basics of survival experience with minor QoL additions. Players will Start off with nothing but their thirst for blood, explore the vast wild and build to their heart’s content. They will trust and forge new friendships or take fellow survivors down solo, the choice is up to them. Nothing’s off limits if they stick to the rules!

The appeal of the server is that players can kill anyone and raid anyone without a worry of breaking rules. This server is not for the weak hearted, many will play but only the strong will survive. We offer a very competitive game-mode with a 1.18 based server version. Players of ThePeopleSMP will have the ability to explore the new caves and cliffs in an extremely harsh but rewarding environment.

The community contains both Java and Bedrock edition players thanks to the plugins GeyserMC and floodgate, allowing players from both versions of Minecraft to enjoy the thrilling experience of ThePeopleSMP.

The server is not P2W at all, each donation is simply to help fund the server with a few cosmetic perks for the players who decide to donate. An example of one of the cool cosmetics we offer is Pets! These pets will follow the player around with a diverse variety of mob types to choose from. None of the cosmetic items provided do not provide any advantage over any other players of the server at all.

A brand-new feature introduced to the server recently is King of the hill events! In this event players need to stand in a region for up to 3 minutes without being hit out or being killed by other players, if a player is successful in doing so, they are rewarded with some divine items which could be the owners head or gear to help in pvp. ThePeopleSMP also offers a party system, where players can create groups to hunt for bases with or create their own base and team up.

Overall ThePeopleSMP is a fantastic server for more hardcore players looking to challenge their pvp and building skills in a very competitive server with a diehard playerbase.




Port: Java 25565 Bedrock 19132