The New Vitality Minecraft Server Network

Vitality Network is an action-packed Minecraft server with one of the best communities in the game, which utilizes basic mechanics creating a brand new fun experience for all to enjoy!

They take original game mechanics and add loads of twists to them to make them more enticing.

Things like fishing, bosses, enchants and loads more!


Their Custom Fishing takes everything to a whole new level, with over 125 different fish to catch in 6 tiers and 8 different skills to unlock and progress through. With the ability to view your all time fishing stats you’ll be able to know how many fish you’ve caught, the money you’ve made and who caught which fish first!


They have Custom Bosses that give the players who are sick of just fighting the ender dragon and the wither. These bosses range in difficulty from tanky bosses with low damage, while others deal high damage with low health, and every boss in between. These bosses drop items used to craft custom armor, each set of armor has a different full set effect.


The Vitality Network has made it their main priority to make sure they deliver you a safe and fun community.  With that, you will find that the community will treat you like family.  They want you to be able to be yourself, but also be respected.  They have a very skilled staff team that will ensure your time with Vitality lives up to those expectations.  You can also visit to meet the staff team and engage with the community in the forums.


In addition to the Minecraft Server they also give you access to their discord by visiting, so you can connect with the community to have a more personable experience.  You will build several new friendships and learn so much more by engaging with the community to give yourself an amazing experience during your time at Vitality.


If you give Vitality a chance to not only entertain you but to change your life, you will not be disappointed.  You can visit this action-packed Minecraft multiplayer server by joining today!