The Golden Empire: A 1.17.1+ Limitless Minecraft World

Grand Opening: September 10th 2021

The Golden Empire is a promising new lightly-modded, diverse economy-based, Minecraft Survival Multiplayer community. If you are looking for a new long term survival work this is the server for you.  With a world border that expands with updates, you will never have to worry about losing your progress to server resets. 


Launch Trailer:

Server Features:

  •  mcMMO– One of the most popular Server-sider RPG mods for Minecraft to date. Offering levelable skills such as, Mining, Axes, Swords etc…
  • Land Claims– Secure your builds and preserve your progress.  You earn claim blocks just by being logged in.  With a maximum of 80,000 claim blocks, all of your builds can be protected from looting and griefing.
  • DynMap– Ever wanted “Google Maps” for Minecraft?  Yup they’ve got it.
  • Player Shops– Trading diamonds for materials is a pain.  Why not give yourself a new project and set up a player Chest Shop.  Where in game currency removes the need for in person trades.
  • Server Shops–  To build your balance up, there are shops at the server spawn that will buy specific items from you. 
  • Proximity Voice Chat– Similar to what you have seen on Hermitcraft, The Golden Empire offers the option to chat in game with those that are in your area.  *This does require that the player is running a Fabric Client and has the mod downloaded on their PC. 
  • Auction House– A place to sell your unique and rare items.
  • Player Heads–  While not a PvP focused server, they respect the fact that a huge player base likes to smash some opponents. While you can have pvp off and not harm or be harmed by another player, if you wish to engage there is a chance the player’s head will be dropped on death.  Talk about a trophy…
  • Player Ranks– They have stated the server will “Never be a pay to win server”, However they’re donor ranks which provide cosmetics upgrades to #flex on your friends. 
  • No Phantoms– Tired of the stupidest mob in the game?  Yeah they’re gone.


How to join The Golden Empire:

Are you ready to take a step into your own limitless world, and join a thriving community?  Then follow the simple steps below to start playing. 

Step 1: Join the community Discord at

This will allow you to learn even more about the server and keep up to date on server updates and Giveaways!!

Step 2: Add the Server to your client.  Luckily joining the server is a piece of cake.  Just click “Add Server” then under Server Address insert


Server Links: 


Website/Player Shop: