The First International Semi-RP Minecraft Network Is Here! And It’s Fantastic

Let’s start with a simple question: What’s Semi-RP?


If it’s not easy to say from where and when it dates back to, this type of gameplay is pretty much standard for French roleplay Minecraft servers.

The definition, on the other hand, is simple because it’s in the name. It’s a server category that gets a bunch of ideas from roleplay and another bunch of ideas from non-rp, and mixes them together.


For example, a Semi-RP server will feature optional roleplay events, or a server with kingdoms, or an economy, etc. From the moment  players take elements from roleplay and non-rp and mix them together, they get Semi-RP. As another example, if players insult the moderator or staff, on a roleplay server they will end up in prison, while on a Semi-RP server, players will “just” get banned.


DaedalusMC is a network of 3 servers : Semi-RP, classic survival (SMP) and Creative.

Their Semi-RP server has an economy, cities, claims, quests, NPCs, and everything players would expect from a “roleplay but also survival” kind of server.
There is also a separate resource world, in order to not alter the beauty of the main RPG dimension. Players will be able to mine every single resource they want there, but server wouldn’t advise you to build on this map, per their wiki, as the world gets renewed every now and then.

Please note that the server is still in heavy development.


Their SMP (Survival) server is appealing as well, as they feature a land claim function. And their Creative server is going to be open to the public on January 20th.

> Join their server at:

> And their Discord server at:

By the way, they are actively recruiting staff, so if are any player that is a skilled builder, developer, or if players want to help them in any way, feel free to contact a staff member on their website or their Discord server.