The Ender Crypt – A Unique Minecraft Server in a New Era

The Ender Crypt is designed to be the next competitor for the older Minecraft servers. With the inevitable downfall of Mineplex, The Ender Crypt is designed to take its place in the new era of Minecraft servers, there are many Game Modes that players can join and play on and of course more to come.

There is city life which is a gtav experience in Minecraft, there are working vehicles, weapons such as guns, jobs, quests, rentable apartments, and purchasable houses. There is also a huge npc police system made to stop crime in the streets even when sometimes players will still be a bit evil!

There are clans that are playable for the bedrock and java version of Minecraft. It is a factions-type game with many clans and an advanced land generation that most servers never see. There are also 600+ Custom enchants, shops, auction houses, and much more!

The server consists of originality and impressive builds, everything is custom to our server and makes the experience something players will want to come back for.

The Ender Crypt has frequent updates and always takes advice from players who join on how to improve the server! The Hub on the server is a custom-built and is original in every way possible. The development of the server took 2 months to complete and can only hope everyone who joins the server will have a great time!

Version: Latest
Minecraft Type: Java and Bedrock

What is a Minecraft server?

A server is a software setup that lets players organize and control multiplayer games. If you’re playing multiplayer, you either have to know the name of the server you want to join or get invited by the host. Anyone can set up a server, but it’s a little technical — and it’s a big responsibility because the host is in charge of the players. While some folks set up a server just for friends or a one-game session, there are a lot of dedicated Minecraft servers, some just for kids or families or other groups. The folks behind these established Wicked Survival put a lot of effort into building communities around the worlds they make, and they tailor the game-playing experience for their specific audience.