The Cavern – A Community Oriented Minecraft Server

In an ongoing Post-COVID time, where individuals are required to stay in-doors, there may not be much to do, however there are online video games that people resort to. Minecraft being one of them. The individuals behind “The Cavern”, which is a Minecraft server team have been one one of the main providers for well over 60,000+ online users to enter their Minecraft server, providing an escape for those who wish to socialize and interact with other individuals in an online safe-place. Providing the ability to choose to join via any Mobile Device or with a Computer, “The Cavern” has set their mission to being available to everyone. With Software Engineering experience, their team has guaranteed the most optimal experience to have yet ever been seen in a Minecraft server. “The Cavern” even provides unique features which have yet to be witnessed on other Minecraft servers of its kind by using custom 3D models for different weapons and cosmetics. ” We’ve commissioned quite a large amount of our work from varying artists within the community to help us create the unique 3D models you may see on our server. It’s costed us hundreds but its all well worth it to give our players a unique experience” said the lead designer of The Cavern. Whilst averaging approximately 60+ concurrent online players, “The Cavern” team hosts fun and engaging events for their community which range from Community Movie Nights on Discord to in-game Build Competitions and even Art Competitions, with the prizes being in-game rewards and perks.


In order start connecting to “The Cavern” you first have to launch Minecraft using the latest version, hit Multiplayer, and after clicking on “Add Server” enter the IP MC.THECAVERN.NET. If you’re using a Mobile Device, the steps are similar.


It’s suggested to also join their Discord as its another form of connecting with their community.


What is The Cavern?

The Cavern is a community oriented Minecraft server, dedicated to providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all sorts of players!
Built upon the feedback of the community to help ensure the best possible experience, we’re certain you’ll enjoy your time with us!
Start connecting with over 60,000+ users today using the IP MC.THECAVERN.NET