The Best Minecraft Survival Server of 2021 – MagmaMC

So, what kind of server is MagmaMC? Another Survival server? No, MagmaMC is not just a Survival server. The server owner have a lot of server experience and we have a good team behind MagmaMC. Everyone with suggestions is welcome. The server is going to be unique as possible and give the players best Survival experience.

What players can do on our server:

The server uses non paid rankups because the goal of the server is not to sell ranks or make money.
Just sit back and relax, players don’t have to worry about how the server earns money.
The goal is also not to be a Pay To Win server.

How does the rank up system work?
It’s pretty simple, players play on our server and players will Rank up automatically after an amount of playtime.

Players will unlock the shop at Level 2, because players have to spend their money on claiming first. There is no need to, however it does help to prevent being griefed.

The reason players will unlock TPA on Level 3 is because this is something that makes survival a lot easier.
This is also a indication on how much players play on our server, and let other people know how much the player likes MagmaMC.

The team is working with claims players can create, players can start with a small area (for only player’s own chests, for example).

Players can vote daily for rewards and crate keys, players can also claim daily rewards with /daily
Keep-inventory is disabled, just like normal Survival. Players can toggle PvP for yourself if they dont like to PvP.
Payers will also start with a starter kit, they can claim this kit every 7 days. Players can also claim a food kit every 4 hours!

Claims costs money!
Earn money by killing mobs and Rankups by playing on the server, sell on the market or player market, sell fish for money and more!
Use a stick to check if there is any claim in the area.
Use a golden shovel to claim the an area

For more information please take a look at the website: