The Best Minecraft Survival, Magicspells, Skyblock, SlimeFun and Creative Server?

M.I.A. 100% free 30gb 1.10-1.17 (1.16.5) Survival Skyblock Creative Slimefun Flying, Loads more. OP abilities.

Join and enquire.


This server is for players who would like godly ViP permissions and tricks but cannot normally afford or enjoy such things? Huge consideration has been put into configs for player safety and no bully perks. Clearlag not wiping all your Slimefun stuff for one of many examples.

All we want are players to spend “their” time here, not their irl coins to play and to enjoy the server.

Join! 1.10 TO 1.17 for best results you shoulduse a 1.16.Xlauncher.

Massive freedom awaits. OP new 1.16.5 server seeking players.

Many player support sites. Loads of permissions. No donations/ViP. All have better than ViP ranks.

Players can also /rankup to Mod if they want. Over 1000 spells, massive customization!


Some benefits of our highly configured Plugins by DEV/Owner Jabbablock:


Iridium Skyblock

All players can /island

Prices for sell have been increased from defaults by about 500% allowing for better economy access. Skyblock worlds have separate inventory and economy from Survival worlds. Slimefun is for Survival worlds only.


Over 1100 spells loaded 450 custom items. 5 stats to track. Automatically granted, learn, unlock with jobs or buy. Spells normally have required costs, cooldowns and other world variables. /c show to see what abilities you know. (100s.. messy! Most are passive skills or are on certain items as useable skills) MagicSpells allows to paint massive amount of variables, modifiers and event listeners, responders and utilities in game.


700+ items including a bunch of  SF Addons. No items are disabled. Check plugins list below. ENJOY SLIMEFUN. Exp supply on overload dynamism! Unlock SF here lightning fast via jobs player exp. A massive admin shop department supports all sales buy/sell for 100s of SF items. Players can make mega mony here with SF. Industrialists and geeky players may be randomly hugged by the server owner or kicked and punched hard depending on how laggy /efficient their industrial site is. Please enjoy the madness amount of custom crafting, smelting and machines we have here without creating any lag. Cargo and Androids are not disabled but require a Level IV certificate of player excellence + rank to unlock. Gained from earning staff respect/trust. For ultra fast Slimefun Databases all ExoticGarden plants except ore plants are regularly wiped from the database and you can trade the CSCorelib skulls in for normal SF Exotic Garden fruits / veg at one of our custom trades villagers at admin shop. This way players can spam them decoratively NP without tanking the speed of Slimefun’s machines/utilities, energy node databases. KK? No loss. Just faster. All losses due to unexpected glitches in Slimefun are recorded and will be refunded/replaced NP. You will not lose anything due to server performance/admin/owner/staff ignorance here without it being replaced free.





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