The Best Birthday Gifts for a Minecraft Gamer

There are many things you could gift a Minecraft player. I have a lot of friends and family that LOVE Minecraft. We love to have Minecraft toys/plushes, merchandise (official or merchandise from a content creator that plays MC.), etc. Whenever somebody gifts me anything related to Minecraft, I absolutely love it. Sometimes, just buying somebody near an MC convention a ticket can be remembered for at least the amount of time they played the game. This is also good for advertising as if we send a player something from a giveaway, their friends might notice and join the server!
Here are some of the gifts I would give out.

Under $10

Minecraft Action Figure and Sets.
This are basically just blocks, items, and figures from Minecraft. Lots of sets go for under $10

Find out more here:

Minecraft Mini-Figures
These are mini-figures of mobs from the game. They come in small boxes and are around 2-5 each. They are very nice looking and are good for stop motion. I have collected these before and made multiple stop-motion animations with the stop-motion pack (20-35).

Under $20

Any of the newer Minecraft guide books. They are part of the same series as the set I linked in “Under $50”. My explanation is also there.

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Minecraft Poster
When I first got a Minecraft Poster, my room looked much better, it kind of spiced it up. At stores with these posters, I see people asking their parents for one or buying it. Many people over the age of 18 also have posters.

A Minecraft Lego set.
These are very fun to build. If you do stop motion, there’s great potential to do something with these lego sets. My brother has 2 setup as display in his room and sometimes plays with them. They look amazing. Usually the ones under 20 USD have under 250 Pieces. If you enjoy Minecraft you probably enjoy building. I would probably purchase a nice LEGO set that would allow them to have some fun while building some cool in real life.

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Plush toys are also very good. I personally had an ocelot plush and added it to my Minecraft collection and it looked good. I also put it in a funny stop-motion video and it looked amazing!

Minecraft IRL “Models” and Decor
This are like the “life sized” diamond tools, chests, pillows, etc. A lot of them are under $20 but some may fit into the “Under $50” section.

Under $50

Game code – depending on platform of game, it would be great if somebody has another device that they don’t have MC on.

Minecraft Board Game: Builders & Biomes
I never had this board game, but me and my friends created an MC board game before and it was so much fun to play, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was really fun to play with friends and family, it may even get people’s parents into the game.

Minecraft book set

Newer version: Comes with Exploration, Creative, Redstone, Dimensions. I myself have this. Me, my brother, and friends absolutely love it and makes a great gift.


Under $75

Minecraft Blanket/Bed cover
Some of my friends have them and they are really high quality. Some don’t look to childish so they can appeal to teenagers. Prices vary from 20-60 (If there is a set, higher quality, etc)


Under $100

Larger Minecraft Lego Sets.

These can be found for 50-100 and many over 100. Some prices have increased in the past few months, but I am expecting them to go down.

Minecraft Comic Maker Studio Set
The prices are all over the place, I believe they were discontinued. I purchased mine for 35 years ago but also got a few figures.

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