The average player will RAGE QUIT after playing 5 minutes on THIS server!

The Minecraft server HalfastMC is an Ultra Hardcore Vanilla Minecraft Server – Hard Mode Survival with no natural regeneration. Normally, players in regular Minecraft would lose health and have it automatically regenerated over time. However in this server, since that is turned off, players have to use potions, beacons, apples, etc to regenerate health. These items are not easy to obtain, which makes for an excellent, balanced challenge. Monsters spawn more often and hit much harder, as these rates have been bumped up a notch.

Unlike other “Hardcore” servers, players won’t be banned from the server after death. Commands like /teleport, /home, /spawn are very limited, to add more of a challenge to your experience. The server is also very strongly against pay to win, so you won’t see any premium packages for overpowered items. Occasionally, the server will also host community events such as “Top Survivor” events (A contest to see who can survive the longest without perishing), building contest events, and much more. The owner of the server will often throw in some custom, challenging obstacles to spice up gameplay.

HalfastMC has a semi-active community, filled with people who have been active for many years, and some players that joined very recently. HalfastMC even has a dedicated Wiki page of the history of previous generations of the server. Check it out by visiting Most of the community is a mature audience, so join and chat at your own discretion. There are players of many kinds – Builders, PvP’ers, Survivalist, and more. HalfastMC is the perfect place for players who love survival Minecraft but think it’s way too easy. The server just started a fresh new map on update 1.17, so it’s worth checking out. Join the Discord community using this link: , or play on the server now using the IP address: , or visit their website at