SuumCraft: A New Minecraft Survival Network

SuumCraft is pleased to invite players from around the world to join them on their journey in creating a unique network of servers.

Survive, explore and gather resources from the Open World. Stake a claim in the Suumiverse and build a safe haven to keep precious items safe. Have a match on SkyWars, BedWars, or the KitPvP server. Use new and upgradable machines to increase the productivity of base and farming set ups, selling any excess in your rented shop or the server shop. Be careful, though, the SuumCraft economy is dynamic; therefore shop prices will regularly update to reflect what has been bought and sold. All of this and more with absolutely no mods required!

It’s early days at SuumCraft, so now is the perfect time for players to join and start climbing up the ranks! Build wealth, become the largest land holder and seize the Suumiverse! This is a special world with twice the tick rate, so efforts (and output) can literally be doubled once a player can sink their golden shovel into the plentiful Suumiverse.

Suumcraft incorporates a variety of plugins that compliment vanilla Minecraft and enhance the player experience. This includes Nova, which provides multiple improved machines that can be used for power generation, farming, mining, potion brewing, ore duplication and more! Craft upgrades and place into machines to improve their speed, efficiency, energy storage, fluid storage and range capabilities.

Get the most out adventures by undertaking a variety of quests, from placing blocks to slaying pillagers, there is a quest for everything! Upgrade weapons, tools and armour with the help of Hyper Stones to elevate them beyond typical enchantments.

In the future, SuumCraft hope to be able to integrate NFTs on the server and will bring more news on this as it develops!


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