StonahMC – A Custom Factions-Based RPG Server

Coming to Minecraft May 20th, 2020…
Are you tired of getting lost in the crowds of people on those
massive Minecraft faction servers?
Not on StonahMC!
StonahMC is a factions based RPG server running on 1.8 through
whatever current version you’re currently on. We are currently
a tight knit community of fun and friendly players striding
towards growth… but we can’t do that without you!

You will spawn in a neutral area called the Basecamp.
There you can meet new friends and start a faction or join other peoples factions. 

This is the hub of the game, the capital city. In the Basecamp there is all
of the essentials you will need to become successful and begin
 to compete your way to the top of the faction top
rankings and win some of our weekly prizes. 
Join soon and you won’t miss out on special BETA perks!

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