Starting an Awesome Minecraft Server during the COVID-19 Pandemic

I believe that a good minecraft server should contain a friendly non-toxic community. The players should be able to seek for help when needed and the server staff should always be available to support the players. On the other hand, a minecraft server should look visually appealing and professional. The server shouldn’t have flaws or bugs that could be easily spotted. The server should have an unique feature that makes it stand out from the other minecraft servers that would possibly compete with this server. Last but not least, the server should have a discord server so the players and staff can all communicate in a community.

Additionally, To have the most up to date plugins and the best ones also to have an amazing community that is good to be around. It being built well – All plugins are working and there are no existing glitches or game breaking bugs, and that the players actually tell staff to fix it and help the server. I would say that nearly 75 percent of the server is actually the players and that it comes dedicated players to play not players come to hack and destroy the dedicated players gameplay. Also to have a great staff team that are helpful and productive. Also to have good communication between the player and to input the ideas that they have if they are good.Another thing is to have a good plugins that are able to detect when player are using hacks or anything that gives them an advantage like that. Make sure anyone is having fun and enjoying them self on your server.Also have updates every once in a while to keep the server interesting.

If there is a nice, well thought out community, with active players, and a good support team, that is a good Minecraft server. If there is a space for every type of person, an open environment, with little judgement and a respecting playerbase. If the players respect each other, and there are good relationships formed around the community, you have succeeded in making a good Minecraft server. There could also be community interactions, such as giveaways and events that players could go to, it allows for people far and wide to connect with each other. Even during the pandemic we find ourselves in today, Minecraft is able to bring people together even during these tough times.

Minecraft servers are mostly about the plugins/modes they have but personally I think Minecraft servers are more than that. They are a place where people can get on and forget about everything that’s happening in the world right now whether its (school, work, COVID-19, etc). Its a place where they can relax and play. What makes Minecraft servers fun for me is the people I’m playing with.

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