Starting a Minecraft Server Instead of Minecraft Realms

A server that has quality staff and plugins with a quality controlled system for plugins and builds. Also has a good manager and upper team to handle the other staff and are not afraid of demotion. Its mainly based on the community. some may say the staff or the server looks itself, despite both being vitally important, without a strong happy community they would mean nothing. A a good minecraft server would consist of professional staff members who are not immature and can bring a positive environment to the players.the staff can never abuse and should help the players had a joyful experience.

What makes a good minecraft server is good staff. Having good staff means people will come back to the server knowing that people wont hack on them or say mean things in the chat because the staff are there.

Plugins: It is important that you dont have too many unnecessary plugins otherwise it may cause server lag or players will be wondering why there are so many commands!
Spawn: The spawn of a server keeps players! If its just a bedrock box, people wont stay! If its a nice bug wooden spawn then that would attract people to stay on the server!

A server that has staff always moderating and nice being as helpful as they can is a key ingredient to a good server. Others are like not giving ranks too much of an advantage which eventually makes the server pay-to-win. But they’re are many other ways like hosting giveaways, competitions, prizes for most active members, etc.

A functional one. A consistently up (or at least minimally down) server with optimised plugin setups, databases and the like. From having started with a less than stellar server, I have learnt the hard way that servers need to well optimised in order to be functional. Moreover, a server that is well set up for all members – ease of use in world switching, through multiverse and bungeeportals and the like, good permission setup with luckperms, good chat managers with BungeeChat and the like, to name but a few. A good server is one where all the plugins are functional and work together well, so the user doesn’t notice them, and simply enjoys their experience on the server.

1-Peaceful Town Building 2-Economy (Town)

2-Survival Wild (Vanilla) (if there is Survival)

3-Custom Monsters in Wild (New bosses!) (if there is Survival

4-Custom Items added

5-Custom Difficulty Setting. Make the game easier or harder, your choice. Extra rewards….

6-Group System to encourage team play

7-Clean and readable chat system

8-Staff ran schedule events multiple times a week

9-Friends system

10- Different mini communities. Get to know the people on your server.

11- RICH and Strong Community. VERY active forums.

12- Well organized, mature staff team. Various levels of responsibilities and delegation.

13-Constantly running Promo event items that are unique and limited edition

14 -Ability to between Town and Wild (Go mining, bring your items back to Town to build)(if there is Survival)

15-Fair and balanced supporter system (no 500$ ranks that give you an unfair advantage over others)

16-All legit survival, no creative. (if there is Survival)

A good Minecraft server is when there are good and active and supportive players that want to play on the server but most importantly it is the staff team that make the server great by helping the players and keeping the server alive by bringing more people to the server. The best servers are ones that can withstand the test of time, hold up against large amounts of staff, and have responsible, caring, and most importantly active staff. While on the other side of this, there are multiple more important elements. Keeping the community together and entertained are always the hardest, discord and different media is needed which i also have experience in managing, along with updates, events, and feedback.


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