Starting a Great Minecraft Server Community – Ensuring Success

I think a strong staff team and a good community make a good minecraft server. A dedicated staff team is very important, as they are responsible for making sure the server is running smoothly. Consistent updates and new content is also beneficial. This prevents players from getting bored, and keeps them excited and eager for the next update. It helps to progress the server, and develop the lore and structure of the server. I also believe that a good minecraft server should have a theme. Following that, the plugins should support that theme, making that server unique from all others. For example, MCOasis is a space server.

To follow this, there might be space plugins, or space ship plugins, all sorts of advanced, sci-fi type plugins. All of that would fit the theme, and make the server nice. A server with no theme, all kinds of random plugins that don’t complement or work well together is not a great server. A server should have a purpose or theme, and the plugins and builds should help to reinforce and prove that purpose or theme.

Overall, I think that having a good, dedicated, and cooperative staff team as well as a central theme are two of the most important factors when it comes to a good server.

A good server (in general) often has the problem of not having enough staff members. This is because the standards are so high (such as the community I worked in that has 40k + registered forum members). The staff is given a good protocol and guidelines, as well as flexibility so they feel that they can resolve any incidents in the best way possible. In addition, they offer features and a passion for improvement that is rivaled by few. These features really help the game and are not just gimmicks (such as minor tweaks on already established games). They allow for community input and support, rather than doing what the select few want. Minecraft servers should be unique and have active staff who aren’t there just to sit out and play chat cop. Instead, they should be integrated within the game, only stepping in when they need to. Also, age requirements are a must. Staff shouldn’t be 13 unless they are the best of the best. We don’t need a bunch of preteens running around on powertrips trying to exert their imaginary power in order to feel important. Staff interaction is one of the most important facets of good communities, as they serve as general representatives. The presence of immature staff only hurts the server further and is not worth it. It’s better to have too few staff that are excellent, than too many staff that are 13-year-old, power-hungry gremlins.

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