SixxCraft – A Huge Minecraft Survival Server with All Your Favorite Plugins

We are a new server that currently holds a huge minecraft survival world with all your favorite plugins! We are planning on opening a skyblock and minigames server soon.
We have server ranks, titles, crates, coinflips and an enthusiastic staff waiting to help you out.

We`re two guys from North America looking to get a fun and interactive community going where we can all spew out our creativity at a time where we need to come together most. This simple block game gives us an opportunity to do just that. We`ve put together a bunch of different plugins in order to make the game as enjoyable as possible for new players while giving older, more experienced players, a challenge that`s ever evolving to keep them on their toes.
With our intuitive combat mode, new players don`t get immediately spawn killed the second they go off on an adventure. You can choose to stay protected until you feel ready to battle it out in the world. With an advanced claim system, you can protect your goods from would be griefers; simply use the golden shovel to claim your land and rest assured that your stuff will be there in the morning.

If survival isn`t your thing, head on over to our skyblock server for a classic skyblock experience. We have multiple island configurations in order to keep the game mode new and exciting for all players.

If all of that still isn`t your jam, we`ve got another solution for you. Our mini-games server is still under development but some features function. Head on over to our boat race section to get started or even our tnt run section. Have fun with your friends and compete for ultimate bragging rights!

We`re also looking for staff.
As a new server, we`re always looking to expand. New expansion comes with the need for staff to help the new player base. We`re looking for moderators that will play the game as well as help watch over new players in order to guide them towards the most enjoyable experience. In order to become a mod, you must spend some time in the server in order for us to get to know you. Apply now on our website at:

1.15 Compatible. As of recently, we have updated the server to be compatible with 1.15 clients. Bees Bees Bees! We`re still working out a few kinks but by the time you`ve joined, we should have them all figured out. If you have any troubles with compatibility visit our discord for help.

If you need any help whatsoever or if you have any questions about the server,
feel free to join our discord at:
We`ll be in there periodically and it will give you a chance to meet anyone that is in there. We have multiple channels in case you want some privacy with your friends. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the server or the discord, let us know and we`ll definitely take a look at it.

Come join the Fun at: or visit our website at:

We`ll be waiting!

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