ShadowEmpire – A Minecraft Server with Unique Challenges



Welcome to the ShadowEmpire hard challenge server, There are a few changes to the way players craft and build; Most importantly is the crafting restrictions such as no pickaxe, bucket, low-level item and enchantment table crafting. players must overcome these limitations to survive in SE. and eventually thrive. Players will find the Creeper Quarry to be a helpful starter to blast mining, and the servers only enchantment table atop Mount Doom should prove difficult to even the most veteran of crafters.

In short; SE is a hard challenge mode server with very little rules but multiple crafting restrictions forcing players to find alternate methods to solve everyday tasks and think outside the “cube”.

Players can connect to either server in-game by passing through the portal at /Warp HUB or by visiting the Ship of the Damned located at both server harbors.

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