Saber Network – A Growing Minecraft Server Network


The Saber Network is a place for creative, unique, inspired, and motivated people. Founded in 2016, the Network has had strong communities, lots of visitors, and amazing people! From the moment you login to Saber Network you are welcomed into a fun and loving community. Saber Network prouds itself with our inclusive environment where everyone can feel welcomed. No matter the age, you will enjoy your time with the Network. Why spend your time sitting around bored when you can be online, making friends, helping the community grow. With Summer coming up, you’re going to have lots of free time on your hands, so what better way to spend your time than online with your friends? While playing on the Saber Network, they can guarantee active, helpful, and friendly staff, along with friendly players. 


The Network is also looking for even more staff to help out with the up and coming summer months, and those who are interested in joining Saber Network’s Staff Team is encouraged to apply here:


Along with the amazing community, Saber Network has many events that take place nearly every day! From keyalls, admin drops, and minigames with amazing prizes, you will never go bored on our network. It is also worth noting that the Network has dozens of custom plugins, from bosses to land claims to keep you and your new friend’s bases safe!


Of course, Saber Network being a unique and creative server, also has plans for a prison server coming in the near future, where you can join gangs, work together, hide contraband from prison guards, and make your way out of prison!


So what are you waiting for? Come on down and join the Saber Network today! 


Server IP: (1.8.9-1.16.5)