RustCraftMC is a Brand NEW 1.19 Survival Multiplayer Minecraft Server

RustCraftMC is a Brand NEW 1.19 Survival Multiplayer Server. There are Quests to keep you entertained along with Playtime rewards unlocked by just playing that will unlock new In-Game /tags and other rewards! New Quests Weekly a long with Daily quests! is all about player based wants and needs, including special trades with wandering traders to include active player heads and mini blocks within the game! We have Grief Prevention land claims to protect all your valuables and builds. There are PvP enabled areas to allow players to Battle against each other. When you first join you will be given your 1st log, this will not stack with other logs, allowing you to keep, display and protect the one and true 1st log! You will also be given the ability to activate Keep Inventory for 7 days allowing you to gather resources and build without the worries or stress of losing it all!

RustCraftMC is a up and coming Survival server aimed to involve players in every aspect of the server including a voting system to allow players to add suggestions to add/remove items or details of the server. We want all players to feel their voice matters, we always have Active Mods and Very Active Owners available to help assist and/or fix issues as they arise and rewards within the game to show appreciation for players. Every aspect of RustCraftMC has been very specific down to the last detail and quest lines! More to come soon!
• Grief Prevention
• Mini Games
• Quests
• Playtime Rewards
• PvP / PvE

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