Revenge SMP – A PvP Oriented SMP Minecraft Server with a Simple Twist

Revenge SMP ♥️

Revenge SMP is a pvp orientated smp, with a simple twist.

You have limited lives! but how does that work?

⚔️ • You start out with 4-8 lives, killing people to steal theirs, and if you die you lose one life

♥️ • You get banned for 4 days if you lose all your lives, and when your ban is over, you start over with 1 life.


Here are some of our features.

⚔️ • 24/7 online server

♥️ • Minigames and duels, (coming very soon)

🌹 • Teams plugin 💀 • Friendly community and helpful staff

🌹 • Ability to craft lives

♥️ • Proximity chat

⚔️ •