Reforged Minecraft – A Truly Vanilla Whitelisted Survival Server

Want a truly vanilla experience? then Reforged Minecraft is for you! we are a vanilla whitelisted survival server with little to no game-altering plugins.


we aim to provide you with an enjoyable environment inside a welcoming and caring community of players based around a hermitcraft-style experience.


The server opened on the 13th of July so we are a new community on a 1.19 world! We have an established group of friendly and helpful players


Some of the features include:
Shopping District with a free market. (Diamond Economy)
Proximity Voice Chat
Whitelisted community
Non-pay-to-win server
Ranks earnt by voting for the server and playtime – NOT PAYING.
Player and Staff Events.
EVERYTHING Survival is built by the community.
No spawned-in items.
24/7 uptime on dedicated high-end hardware.
Hard Difficulty.
& Much more!

We also have donor ranks and perks but do not alter vanilla gameplay and kept discrete.


Want to view the live map before applying?

Apply now by joining the discord: