A Wondrous SMP Experience with Unique Adventures

Become a part of the rainforest and experience a wondrous SMP filled with all sorts of characters and unique adventures. We are a tight-knit and friendly community and will sure to help you out on our journey. Our server supports McMMO, Claims, a TPA system, player warps, ranks with a lot of crazy perks, and much much more. When you first join the server you can: go and explore like any survival world, vote for the server on server lists to be able to open crates, start leveling up your skills to become more powerful, make a house and claim it so no one else can ruin it, invite your friends and you can teleport to each other and build something as a team, trade with other members. You can also unlock more things along the way such as more homes and special commands(beezooka, anyone?).

We would also love to hear your feedback and suggestions on the server so let us know in our discord here!