Prisoncraft – Become the Biggest Prison Gang!

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Join our Amazing Community!

Prisoncraft is a as the name sais prison based server with amazing weekly rewards, ranks, a kind and active community.

Vote daily for several awesome rewards that can help you ranking yourself up the ladder of becoming the richest.

With our awesome rank system you can rank to prestige 25!

With our tokens system you can buy upgrades for your pickaxe making it even faster to become the richest!

If you’r a gambler try out the amazing casino with lots of options of gaining money, but be careful since you can also lose money!

WEEKLY/SEASON REWARDS – You can win weekly rewards with blocks broken & Chat reactions. You can also win every season with your Gang plot.


[+] Gang Teaming Plots
[+] Personal Plots
[+] In-Game store
[+] Prestige mines
[+] Plotmines
[+] And many more…

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