PrismaCraft: A New Minecraft Towny Survival Server

Prismacraft is a new survival towny server with rpg elements. It is a friendly, community-focused server; perfect for long-time Minecraft players that are looking for a place to chill, build, and grind. Prismacraft has been developed over the past three months with player enjoyment and community at the heart of the process. Development is ongoing with new features and bug fixes coming out three to four times a week.
With 70+ plugins it would be impossible to list all that the world of PrismaCraft has to offer! More information can be found by joining with the ip or in the servers dedicated discord !


Some of the most important features are listed below.

Custom Enchants: Custom enchantments are a large focus of PrismaCraft! Unlike most other servers all enchantments can be obtained through normal minecraft mechanics such as villager trading and enchanting on a table!

MCMMO: Level up skills! PrismaCraft’s McMMO config is custom tailored for player enjoyment!

Jobs: PrismaCraft boasts nearly 30 custom made and well balanced jobs! The more a job is performed the more money can be made!

Cosmetics: Cosmetics and pets are unlocked via playtime!

Towny: Towny is used not only for land claiming and grief prevention but also to facilitate building communities within the server.

Economy: PrismaCraft has a server shop for the most basic of materials but Player Warps and the Auction House are where most items are found!

PVP: PVP is toggleable in towns but server PVP arenas are an option for those interested. PrismaCraft believes in consensual pvp so player trapping and random attacks are never allowed.

In-game ranks and prestige levels: Along with purchasing items the money you earn from jobs will allow players to rankup to unlock more commands and perks! Such as backpacks, kits and extra homes! Once they reached the top rank they can also prestige to unlock even more! 
And much more!