Presents to Get for a Huge Minecraft Fan

In my opinion, someone that plays Minecraft right now is a true fan of the game! I think that he would really enjoy an item from the official Minecraft store like a t-shirt. Now, who would not enjoy a brand new razer mouse, mousepad, headphones or a keyboard! The products are green and go well with a Minecraft gamer!

The reason why a Minecraft player would enjoy one of those peripherals is that It would affect his gaming experience and enhance it.

Over 100$

I would suggest a component for a computer such as a motherboard, CPU or GPU that are not affordable for everyone!

I would love one of those gifts myself that’s why I suggest them! It would really make my day even with a simple keychain! (It means a lot)

I did interview a Minecraft Server Owner and this is what he has to say:

Personally, I gift Minecraft Players all types of accounts on video games (GTA, Valorant, Netflix, Hulu), and I have even made many servers dedicated to giving players rewards such as Discord Nitros. I’ve spent over $1,500 in the past/present on giving away items to my communities & Minecraft Communities.

I have never really bought things from Amazon, however, I have given away gift cards with my friends. Whenever I do have money it usually goes into my projects, and a lot of my projects involve giving away items to people for absolutely nothing. On average my giveaways are usually $5-$15 rewards, however, I mass giveaway a lot of the time, so if I were to say how much I giveaway in money a month I’d say easily over $100. I work for money, however, I don’t make a lot, so I give away what I can, and try to make people happy with what I can provide, I give people options on what they want for giveaways in case maybe they don’t wanna get something that would be wasteful, or not useful.

I think I’m usually nice to people, but I’m also a very fair and business-minded person, so usually in a lot of scenarios I giveaway extra to people to make them happy. I think giving away items is a great way to make someone’s day, so that’s why I do it. I’ve owned a few what people call ‘Nitro Servers’, however in my eyes I make good communities whom I can giveaway items to and make many peoples days. I am a spending guy, so if I see someone needs something I’ll do my best to get it to them, however, beggars can’t be choosers so I don’t give away free items to all people. Just the communities of good people that I make, and my friends.

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