Plot Topia – An Awesome Minecraft Bedrock Server with Many Features

Server Name: Plot Topia
Platform: Bedrock
Features: Economy, personal Vault which has a unique tag system players can use to keep their peppery set to private so only they can enter and add people to their plot. Lootbags, obtainable via fishing, treasure hunting, and killing mobs. Bags can then be either sold to other players or can be opened and obtain the items. Five gold coins are given every twenty minutes in game to each player. The things players can do with their coins are endless. Coins can be used to buy and sell items between players and even used for purchasing your very own private property within a community. Community plots provide players safety (no grieving or killing zone). Communities are themed according to their respective biome. We’re one of the very few bedrock servers than can handle 30 players at a time. Our discord is loaded with moderators at standby to assist players.

As of now players can join via Discord and then they follow the prompts to add: Plot Topia as a friend on Xbox app and Plot Topia adds them back and they’re in the server shortly after.

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