PixelBlock Minecraft Network – Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, SkyWars, KitPVP and more!

The PixelBlock Network is a new network which recently opened its doors to the public in April 2020. The network is incredibly multi-content with having over 14+ Game-modes including, Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, SkyWars, KitPVP and many many more minigames. The server is continuously updating and growing everyday with more and more new players and opportunities for people to game on. The server works to have a great and safe community, while also being a majorly active and happy community.

Since its founding, the network has continuously brought in new updates everyday. The server also runs on 1.15.2 although functions with full 1.8 Combat mechanics on all minigames to give a multi-update feel to the network to fulfil everyone’s needs.

The server functions with players always online, and ready to interact with. The network has staff who are also always online and ready to take action on any rule-breakers. The server works to remain as friendly as possible to all ages while still being as interactive is possible.

Since PixelBlock’s founding, many users have started joining to form a well-made community, which can be interacted with on both the server and PixelBlock’s discord, which hosts many events and giveaways for players to enjoy on the server and interact with at any time. The staff are kind and are always ready to help with anything that the players request. The server works to be enjoyable for everyone, giving it a wide-variety and a wide-genre community.

Somme current gamemodes include SkyWars, SkyBlock, Survival, Creative, KitPvP, SurvivalGames, Creative, EggWars, Factions, Hide and Seek, One in the Battle, Build Battle, Apocalypse and much much more, with even more being added every month to satisfy your gameplay!

The server runs fast and smoothly located on high-end servers in the United States. Whether your close or halfway across the world, the servers continue to work incredibly fast for everyone almost absolutely lag free!

The staff are generous and caring, doing many giveaways allowing users to enjoy free rank upgrades, new perks, kits and much much more! Many gamemodes have many unique offers on the network which all users can enjoy on a day to day basis! The server is incredibly clean and easy to play, whether you’re just starting on playing Minecraft or you are an advanced and experienced long-time player of Minecraft. The server works to be as interactive as possible for all ages and users.

The server runs 24/7 almost absolutely lag-free and can fit up to 10,000 players. Immediately as you join, you can either stay in the lobby and interact and relax with players, or head straight into either an intense, relaxing or intermediate gamemode! All of which are easy to learn and are incredibly interactive, interesting and unique.

With the server being incredibly fast all around the world, having new gamemodes arrive every month, having a great community growing everyday while also being interactive for all players, new and old and much much more, the network is definitely worth joining and playing. The IP to the network is mc.pixelblockmc.com and is currently hiring staff. The server runs on 1.15.2 with full 1.8 custom combat mechanics. Join today to check out this amazing network!

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