Pickle Craft – An Exciting Old School Towny Minecraft Server

IP: mc.picklecraft.us
Towny, Towny Wars, MCMMO, Bedwars, Skyblock, Casino, Parkour! PickleCraft set out with a primary goal of creating a fun and exciting old school Towny PVP experience without any pay to win nonsense, and we diversified as our playerbase grew to keep our players here on the main server. Although our primary focus is a fun and balanced Towny PVP experience, we do allow nations to pay for neutrality so anyone who loves Towny gameplay can really enjoy this server. Use our in-game-economy to progress through ranks and gain new abilities, slay tough bosses in dungeons, go out on a quest to slay the EnderDragon or gather materials for one of our NPCs! We strive to offer a diverse experience that offers both PVE and PVP opportunities and variety worth hours of gameplay. And if the grind isn’t necessarily for you, come check out our brand new Bedwars maps or try SkyBlock! Kick back at the end of the night with a fun team pvp event with server-specific currencies awarded to the winners to be used on gear in our spawn! Or just stop by to check out one of our drop parties!  Really, you can do it all here and our active staff is constantly working to ensure a seamless and bug free experience.