3x PVE- A Unique Rust Server 3x PVE

Watch for the natives the roam the island, and the guards and snipers that protect the monument’s resources. On this island not everything is as it seems, every monument is meant to stop your survival!

We currently run one server and are planning on launching a couple more to help our commnity grow. We are adding new features every week to the server so there will always be something fun to do, come check it out and give us input on what you think!

Main Features:
• Custom maps every wipe
• 60% Decay Rate
• Vanilla++ Loot
• 36 hour player protection. (login every 36 hours to keep base from being raided)
• 3x Resources 5x stack
• Clans and Teams
• Pvp And PvE Raid Bases
• Buy your own Raid Bases
• Custom Chat UI for guides and commands
• Custom Skinned and Tagged AI
• Modified Hackable Crate system.
• Faster Smelt & Crafting with sort.
• Vehicle Airdrops
• bgrade to help build bases faster.
• Backpacks
• Respawn with your gear. No drop backpacks
• Frame Box
• Furnace Splitter
• Starter Kits for new players
• NPCs chance at dropping weapons.
• Remove Tool
• Sign Artist
• Mytime system. Set your own time of day.
• Don’t worry about burning meat or fuel in lanterns
• In store shop
• many QOL custom plugins
• Attentive Admins
• We are new, but are always adding features. More to come.

We are in the Modded Section Under: “ 3x PVE”
Our Discord Community:
Connect With Us: Hit F1 -> The Type -> client.connect

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