PegasusCraft – A Factions Minecraft Server with Amazing Plugins!

Hello Minecrafters!
I wanted to share server with called Pegasuscraft!
Ip –
PegasusCraft is Faction/Pvp based server with some amazing plugins to boost experience for faction server!
PegasusCraft offers plugins such as :

Crates – Open 6 Different crates to get awsome loot!

Kits – In server there is 5 different Ranks with 5 different kits!

Envoy – Envoy drops 5 – 7 crates in warzone that players can fight for them. In crates there is special armor set, and other good stuff that helps you in factions!

Votifier – Every day you can vote for server and get rewards and crate keys.

ShopGui+ – No sign shop at PegasusCraft, we use premium plugin called ShopGUI+, that allows people to open shop with one simple command!

SimplePets – This plugin allows you to buy pets that can help you in pvp and faction, there is 20 different pets that you can put in your inventory and they will fly with you, and every single pet have different skills!

Action Health – Allows player to see health of the mob and other players!~

Server is online 24/7 and server owners are online really often to, so if you need any help they will help!
Server Version is 1.15.2
World Border – 10000×10000 – We will expand it more in future!
Discord –

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