Papa’s Factions – A Classic Minecraft Factions Server

Papa’s Factions
Looking for a classic factions server? Want to go back to playing on a simple Factions
server? Well then come join us!!

Papa’s Factions is an open beta classic factions server and suggestions are more than
welcome. I want to shape the server based on your needs.
– IP Address :
Port : 64525
– If you’d like to join our discord, the link is
– Sneak peak of the server spawn!

In Papa’s Factions you can start by looking at info and commands for tips and different
commands you can use (Some commands are available to purchase or can be rewarded). After
that you should head out and gather a bunch of wood to sell at the shop (/warp shop). Once you
have bought food and the basic essentials, travel super far from spawn and build a base 1 block
above bedrock level (You can use this method if you want, I’ve noticed it to be very common
and useful in faction servers). When you have the area cleared out for your base type /sethome
{name} ; use /home {name} to go back to said home.

If you don’t like playing solo then this is the place for you. Ask around to join a faction or do /f
create {name} to make your own! Making and being in a faction give you access to new
commands such as – “/f sethome” “/f home” “/f claim” and more. Dominate the server in a pack
or be a lone wolf, your choice.

If you would like to apply for builder position, pm me on discord and I will get back to you as
soon as possible. What I will then do is give you a $5000 igc loan to buy materials to build me a
medeivial themed build in survival mode. I will decide whether you deserve it or not based on
that one build so give it your all! If you would like to apply for staff positions, pm me on discord
and I will personally ask you a series of questions (age, past experience, command knowledge,
ect.). I will decide if I want you as a trial staff to begin with. If you are accepted for any of the
positions above and go inactive for a long period of time, I will remove you and you will have to
apply all over.

Some of the plugins we run are Factions, Economy, Combat Logger, Command Shop, Crate
Keys (rewards from mining stone), Enchanting, Land Protection, Modify Ranks, Player Kits,
Show Coordinates, Slappers, Survival Fly, Unlimited World, World Edit.
I have to pay for all my plugins so please be patient, I will do my best to get the plugins you
want. Donations are extremely appreciated and come with rewards!

If you have any further questions, jump in the discord and either message me or ask in
general chat and someone can help you.

I hope to see you on the server!
~May our blades meet in the battlefield~

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