Origin Legends a Discord Community and Collective of Survival Minecraft SMPs

Origin Legends [smp] {1.17.1} {origins}{RLcraft}{Java}{all inclusive} {all ages} {redstone}{economy}{community}{technicalminecraft}


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Infinite Origins – Origins Modded Server

Infinite RL Craft – RL Craft Modded Server

Bitcraft – Vanilla SMP

Origin Legends – Technical Minecraft Server

Our goal at Origin Legends is to provide a safe and fun environment for anyone to come play no matter who they are. We seek to elevate our community though positivity, support and mutual respect. It is done in a fun playful and uplifting way, after all players are here to play. In this community all members including the staff are seen and treated as equals. In creating a positive experience out of games Origin Legends strive to create a more fun experience in game. All are welcome, come join and become part of the community and see if players have what it takes to become a Legend!

Origin Legends is a newer but thriving community of players with multiple worlds. The worlds are all 1.17.1 SMP servers. Origin Legends already have a small but solid player base but is always looking to grow.

The site has 4 different smps players can play on!

****Infinite Origins****

– All ages Origins modded community focused on playing modded Minecraft

– Custom modpack with custom world generation and many other fun mods

– Choose over 50 origins

– Choose custom classes

****Infinite RLcraft****

– All ages RLCraft modded community focused on playing modded Minecraft

– An RLcraft server using the official Curse Forge Mod Pack to with over 100 Mods

– RLcraft is know as the hardest modpack on Minecraft


– An all ages public SMP for those who love survival pvp building and farming.

– Community based hub, town center, economy, nations


– Adults only redstone technical Minecraft community focused on creating a massive and efficient world of farms and systems

– Opportunity to participate in both community based builds and have the freedom to create player’s own builds for the community.

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